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Upright LED Hollywood Frameless Mirror :: FOREVER Series

Upright LED Hollywood Frameless Mirror :: FOREVER Series

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Our beautifully modern Frameless Hollywood Mirror from the FOREVER series offers clear visibility and brightness, reflecting your best self back at you. The seamless edge, combined with the classic look of the exposed the bulbs create a sophisticated and updated aesthetic without losing the traditional beloved Hollywood style. The bright, even, like daylight lighting helps you artfully create the look you want to flaunt without the struggle of poor indoor lighting. This mirror not only helps you look flawless, it makes things easier on you too: plug in any beauty accessory, device or charger into the dual outlets located on the side and you’re ready to get to ready for whatever adventure the day or night might bring. Designer toggle on the side for easy adequate On / Off switching. Popular in professional studios and for personal  home use.

Size: Mirror: 22"L x 2.5"W x 27"H / Base: is 3" wider than mirror

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