Mae West

Mae West

Even Old Hollywood sometimes needed a little spice. Mae West, born in Brooklyn in 1893, gave classy an edge. West was one of the front-running actresses in vaudeville and Hollywood, as well as a staple for glamorous sexiness. Not only was she bringing it in the beginning of Hollywood’s heyday, but she continued to perform, act and entertain for her entire life, spanning seven decades! That’s a life worth living! West’s bawdy humor often got her censored or pushed back, but the fiery comedian never let that stop her. Mae wasn’t only funny and beautiful, but also driven and talented in writing, having written nine of the thirteen films in which she starred.

Fun Fact: West loved double entendres so much, that she said even when she just asked for a cup of coffee, people would search for the double meaning.

We encourage you to channel the raw confidence of West when you’re looking at your own fabulous reflection in any Impact Vanity’s Hollywood Mirrors.

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